Property Consultant

Walter Fernandez-Römer was born in Marbella and has been an important Panorama Sales Team member since 2008. Walter has a Diploma in Business Studies and is an accredited Real Estate Agent (Agente de la Propiedad Immobilière- API) and is particularly strong in the field of property valuations as he originally started in the Listings Department before he moved to the Sales Team in 2010.

Walter has perhaps the best knowledge of our properties, and of urbanistic and technical issues.  He is the member of the Team most people go to for help in looking for just the right property for our clients, a magnificent Team player, and an incredibly nice person to work with. Walter speaks Spanish and English.

You can reach Walter at our Sales Office (at the Hotel Puente Romano) or call him on (+34) 952 863 750 to arrange a meeting.

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