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Complaint Handling Procedure

Panorama Properties SL is a real estate Agency regulated by RICS, the Royal Institution of Charted Surveyors. We make an extraordinary effort to make sure all of our business, whether it be residential sales, rentals, and indeed, any of our professional relationships, are handled in the highest professional and ethical manner possible, in accordance with not only RICS regulations, but our own outstanding record of integrity spanning over 50 years in our industry.

Unfortunately things don’t always go according to plans, and a customer might become dissatisfied with something we said or something we did, or there might occur some misunderstanding. In this respect, in order to comply with RICS requirements, Panorama provides a Complaints Handling Procedure and encourage comments, criticism or complaints of any nature, which will be addressed by Christopher Clover, the Managing Director of Panorama together with the able assistance of a panel of two employees of the company.

Even though complaints are extremely rare with Panorama, nothing is more important to us than to squarely address any issues and set things right, and thoroughly investigate any issue involving dissatisfaction of any of our clients or anyone in contact with our agency.

Panorama’s RICS-compliant Complaints Handling Procedure is in addition to the official complaint book or sheets, required for every business open to the public, by the Regional Government of Andalucía (Junta de Andalucia), which are also always available at our offices.

All of our clients should be aware that Panorama also holds, in full compliance with the RICS regulations and the professional requirements of any professional real estate agency, a professional indemnity insurance policy with Hiscox España.

Panorama’s Complaints Handling Procedure is designed as follows:
If you have spoken to us about your complaint, please put the details of your complaint in writing which enables us to make sure that we have a full understanding of the reasons your discontent.
Please send your written complaint to:

Mr. Christopher Clover
Panorama Properties SL
Bv. Alfonso Hohenlohe 3,
Edificio Centro Expo – Local 30,
29602 Marbella – Málaga

Email: clover@panorama.es with copy to carolina@panorama.es

You can download the Complaint Form by clicking here: Complaint Form

So that you know what to expect we have summarized the typical required steps of reviewing a complaint.


• You will be notified that we have received your complaint within 3 working days.


• We will investigate the circumstances of your complaint and discuss, where appropriate, among the members of the complaints committee.


• We will provide a written summary of our findings within 10 working days of sending the receipt notification.


• If you wish to add any comments or request further reviews you should contact us again.

Final response

• We will then have 10 working days to complete our review at which time we will send you a final written viewpoint on the matter. Should we require further time you will be advised.

There are many ways we can make things right. We can:
• Say sorry to you
• Provide you with an explanation or information
• Review our literature (Marketing details, Website content)
• Review a policy or procedure
• Take action or enforce a decision
• Arrange training, provide guidance or set standards for employees

“What if I am still unhappy?”
We aim to ensure all complaints are resolved via our internal complaints procedure outlined above. However if this is not possible or you wish to pursue the matter further then the following independent third party Alternative Dispute

Resolution option is available:
The Court of Arbitration of the Official Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid (Spain) (As per RICS Spain requirements)