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Ruhestand in Marbella: Entdecken Sie den luxuriösen Lebensstil, der Sie erwartet

Marbella is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities to visit in Andalucia, and it attracts tourists year-round for its fantastic amenities, stunning beaches and enviable climate. But for retirees, it’s also an appealing location for a new way of life. These are a few of the reasons why more and more people are seeking a sunny retirement in Marbella. 

Glamourous neighbourhoods

Marbella offers plenty of favourable neighbourhoods for expats, but some are certainly better suited to year-round luxury living than others. Puerto Banus, on the Marbella Golden Mile, for example, is the perfect choice for retirees looking to spend their autumn years in indulgence, with a glamourous lifestyle, lavish amenities and beautiful properties from which to take your pick.

If you’re looking to spend your retirement on the golf course soaking up the sunshine, Nueva Andalucía may be an appealing option, while Benahavis delivers authentic Andalusian culture and heritage. Marbella is considered to be a very safe city to live in, providing comfort to those moving to Spain for the first time. 

Affordable living

While property prices have steadily risen over the past few years, there is still a fantastic array of affordable property available in Marbella that makes buying a home here feasible for many people. You may not be expecting luxury living when you’re on a fixed retirement income, but you’ll be pleased to discover that luxury costs a lot less here than elsewhere in the world. Property taxes aren’t very high, and the cost of eating out, groceries and entertainment are all very affordable. 

Beautiful climate

With an average 320 days of sunshine per year in Marbella and the surrounding area, you’ll get your fill of sun-filled days if you retire here. Temperatures during the winter are usually around 18oC, so you’ll be able to enjoy an active lifestyle year-round, with plenty of opportunity for outdoor pursuits whatever the season. 

Flourishing expat community

Expats flock to Marbella from all over the world, particularly the likes of the US, Australia and Britain, so you’ll have an immediate social circle of English-speaking neighbours who will help you to settle into your new life abroad. Whether you’re moving alone, with your partner or as a family, having people you can talk to in your native language can make the process of moving easier and less daunting.

Access to great healthcare

Unless you’re a Spanish citizen, you won’t be on the National Health System, as you need to pay into the social security system to be eligible. However, even without this, you’ll still be able to access exceptional healthcare in Marbella as an expat. The majority of the doctors here speak fluent English, which makes communication regarding symptoms easier, as well as providing home visits, and the healthcare facilities are well-equipped should you require emergency medical care. 

Plenty of things to do

Now that you’re retired, you’ll have plenty of free days to pursue your passions, whether that’s learning more about the culture and history of the area, exploring ancient ruins, heading to the beach to swim or taking excursions to museums and galleries. Maybe you’re excited to spend your days practicing your swing at the local tennis clubs or golf courses (check out our golf properties), or maybe sailing is where you’re happiest – with plenty of coastline, it’s the ideal location. The wealth of amenities and activities available in Marbella attracts an increasing number of expat retirees every year.

An accessible location

Transport connections in Marbella are well-established and affordable, with Malaga Airport around 40 minutes’ drive from Marbella and direct flights to well over one hundred destinations every week. Buses, trains and taxis are all easily accessible here, so retirees looking to really explore their new surroundings will have no issues making their way around, even if they don’t drive. 

The retirement visa

As a non-European citizen, retiring to Marbella is easiest using the Non Lucrative Visa (also known as the Retirement Visa). This is the way to go for retirement in any European country and if you can demonstrate you have enough economic means to meet the criteria, you’ll be granted a Spanish residency permit. The Retirement Visa makes the process of moving abroad and establishing yourself in Marbella easier and simpler. 

A beautiful city to call home  

As a place to call home throughout your retirement, Marbella is one of the most exciting and culturally rich locations. Whether you choose to move here permanently and buy a property or you want the flexibility of long-term renting, Marbella offers so much for those who want to make the most of their retirement and live life to the full among great scenery, friendly locals and a wonderful culture. 

At Panorama, we have a wealth of experience in luxury properties in Marbella and the surrounding area and we’d be delighted to help you find your dream home, whether you’re planning to buy or rent. If you have any queries, contact a member of the team today.