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Secure Your Home in Marbella: Top Household Insurance Recommendations

Over the years, certain clients with considerable assets to protect have at times been poorly advised as to the type of insurance products available. This, coupled with language difficulties, have often made them end up with expensive insurance products which actually cover them for considerably less, or sometimes, considerably more than they require.

Op de Beeck & Worth Insurance Brokers have been my personal insurance brokers since 1973, and like us, among the longest established professionals in this area with a wonderful reputation with a multi-lingual team of 10 people at your disposal.

They sift through the several insurance companies that they represent, to come up with those offering the most competitive prices and coverage available on the market.

The quality of personalized attention they have given me and to the friends I have introduced them to over the years, has been second to none. They are “caring professionals” in the best sense of the word, and merit the attention of all of our friends and clients.

I have recently made an agreement with Patrick Op de Beeck and Danny Worth to offer actively their exceptional services to our friends and clients, and they have pledged to me their personal attention which will enable us to offer you various insurance products at favourable rates.

Would you like to have a complimentary risk inspection survey, courtesy of PANORAMA and our partners, which will highlight aspects of home protection, as well as provide advice on the correct amount of coverage required, and proposed cost for your circumstances?

If your household insurance policy falls due for renewal shortly, or you would simply like to consider an alternative and ensure that your sums insured are correct, please do not hesitate to contact me on + 34 95 277 4266 or [email protected] and I shall arrange an appointment with Danni or Patrick to meet you personally.