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Marbella, The Monte Carlo of Spain?

Recently, the international press has referred to Marbella as “the Monte Carlo of Spain“. It is true… Marbella offers everything possible for those who like quality in almost every respect; from high society social events, glamorous beach and night clubs, fine dining, sporting, and above all, its balmy unique weather. In cosmopolitan Marbella there is phenomenal mix of cultures that peacefully co-exist, including people form over 100 different countries.

But in comparing the two places, Marbella stands out, and far surpasses, Monte Carlo on several fronts:

  • Marbella has a year round season, due to its superb climate and installations that enable almost 365 days of outdoor leisure. The Côte d’Azure rolls up the sidewalks from October to May.
  • Marbella is not just a “society city” for the super-rich. One can enter into the social scene, if one chooses, or leave it on the sidelines and just enjoy the climate, the many great restaurants and sporting facilities, including over 40 golf courses within a half an hour drive, the beaches, and the many interesting destinations one can reach in less than three hours’ drive.
  • Marbella represents a model of tourism which is not based principally on hotels, as most tourist destinations, but on second or retirement homes. Easily one third of those who own second or retirement homes in Marbella are Spaniards themselves, lending an incredibly strong foundation to the property market. Try to buy a property in Monaco, and you find that prices are the highest in the world at approximately €45,000 per square meter (Wall Street Journal 28/03/12). Many of those residents in Monaco are there for tax purposes and are obliged to own a home there, but in practice, are not living there much of the year. In Marbella, however, there are properties available from €2,000 per m2 and the most expensive properties do not exceed €12,000 per m2, with average prices being between €3,500 and €6,000 for quality properties.
  • And many other differences including: Monaco has a population of only 35,000 residents, whereas Marbella has a minimum of 250,000 inhabitants in the low season (counting the floating population). Monaco measures only 2.05 square kilometers, Marbella 117. Monaco has 4.1 kilometers of Coastline, Marbella 27.

But the principal point of Marbella, is that it appeals to quality people… whether wealthy, super wealthy, or just normally well off, from all over the world, looking for a high quality life style which is unique on the Mediterranean Basin.