Celebrating 40 years

José Juan Rodríguez Castro

José Juan is a qualified Senior Architect, having graduated from the Madrid Polytechnic University in 1985. He is a member of the Official College of Architects of Madrid and also of Málaga, as well as a founding member of the Spanish Union of Technical Experts.

José Juan has represented a number of national property valuation companies such as Valtecnic, Krata, Eurotasa and General de Valoraciones, S.A., as Delegate for the Málaga Province. He has also drawn up building projects and undertaken the project management for detached villas and apartment blocks in various towns on the Costa del Sol, together with performing formal property valuations for banks and financial institutions throughout Spain.

He is now undertakes official valuations for Panorama clients, in conjunction with the company´s salesteam, headed by Christopher Clover.