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Christopher Clover, Eminent Fellow of RICS, & Panorama, agency regulated by RICS


Founded in 1868, RICS currently has more than 120,000 professional members in more than 140 countries, specializing in different aspects of the real estate sector, including property valuation, property brokerage, consulting services and professional activities related to land, homes, buildings and construction.

Only individuals recognized within the industry as a leader in their field, whose standing and achievements are beyond question and judged to extraordinary, are considered for nomination to join RICS through the Eminent Route.

Mr. Clover has become the eighth Eminent Fellow of RICS in Spain, with a total of 52 Fellows (FRICS) and a further 430 members (MRICS).

Eduardo Fernandez-Cuesta FRICS, President of RICS Spain, stated: “Christopher Clover is today, as he has been for the last 45 years, an outstanding example of leadership and professional commitment in the real estate sector. Christopher comes from a family lineage of more than 110 years in real estate, constantly promoting the collaboration among agencies and serving the public with outstanding professional dedication and ethics. Also noteworthy are his annual Marbella property market reports and many other articles related to real estate that he has been publishing for more than four decades. Christopher has contributed, and still contributes significantly today, to raising the standards of his profession.”

Christopher Clover said: “I am quite surprised and deeply honored to receive and accept this nomination from the most respected organization in the real estate world. RICS has my unconditional support in promoting and fostering their work and values”.

Regulated by RICS

In 2016, based upon Mr. Clover’s fellowship with RICS and other qualifying factors, Panorama Properties was approved as a real estate agency “regulated by RICS”. As a regulated company Panorama conveys to its clients a message of confidence and quality, that it:
• practices to globally recognized standards
• behaves ethically, and acts with integrity and honesty
• has the required skills, reputation and qualifications to provide a very high standard of professional services
• manages conflicts of interests transparently
• safeguards the security of client funds
• manages its finances appropriately
• provides adequate and appropriate indemnity
• handles complaints and disputes fairly.

As RICS state: “Any individual or firm registered with us is subject to our quality assurance. We’re proud of our reputation and we guard it fiercely, so clients who work with our registered professionals can have confidence in the quality and ethics of the services they receive.”

For more information about RICS please visit their website by clicking here.