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Recommended Lawyers in Marbella By Christopher Clover

We take pleasure in presenting a list of “Recommended Lawyers” for those wishing to buy or sell a property in the Marbella area. All of these lawyers are Real Estate specialists, and we know them all personally to be proven, seasoned professionals of many years’ experience. This list of course is not exclusive in that there are many other excellent lawyers in Marbella who can represent a buyer or seller’s interests with absolute integrity.

Once your agent has agreed between the parties the commercial elements of a transaction, these lawyers will represent the interests of their clients in assuring a transaction which is as “risk free” as it can possibly be, by performing a rigid “due diligence” of all of the elements involved with respect to the legality and ownership of the property. Then they will prepare, together with the lawyer of the other party, a contract that will fairly represent the commercial agreement reached, while incorporating all possible and reasonable safeguards within the contract itself.

They will also advise you on tax issues, residency permits and requirements, and other obligations involved in buying, selling and owning property in Spain.



Mauro Cruz-Conde Lleó, Lawyer (Real Estate specialist)


Blvd. Príncipe Alfonso von Hohenlohe s/n
Hotel Marbella Club
Of. 7 – 8
29602 Marbella

Tel: +34.952.76.89.76
Fax: +34.952.86.49.96
Email: [email protected]



Pérez de Vargas Abogados

Ignacio Perez de Vargas (Urbanistic and Real Estate law)
Angeles Contreras (Real Estate specialist)


C/ Mª Auxiliadora, 2
Edificio Pata-Pata, 5º
29600 Marbella

Tels: +34 952 77 88 48
Fax: +34 952 82 51 59
Email: [email protected]


C/Real, 97-99
Edificio Don Vicente, 3º
29680 Estepona

Tel: +34 95 280 1431
Fax: +34 95 803 994
Email: [email protected]



Sanchez-Stewart Abogados

Nielson Sanchez-Stewart
Lorenzo Sanchez-Stewart
Sebastian Sanchez-Stewart


C/Nuestra. Señora de Gracia, 1-1º
29602 Marbella

Tel +34 95 277 07 04
Fax +34 95 277 87 46
Email: [email protected]



Plazas Abogados

Carlos Llanos
Francisco Dópico


Tva. Carlos Mackintosh
Edificio Puerta del Mar
Oficina B-1
29600 Marbella

Tel +34 952 82 80 51
Fax +34 952 82 95 13
Email: [email protected]



Fontán Zubizarreta Abogados

Rafael Fontán Hernán de Zubizarreta


C/Jacinto Benavente, S/N
Edificio Mendisol, 3º C
29600 Marbella

Tel +34 952 82 17 28
Fax +34 952 82 45 71
Email: [email protected]



Palancos Bührlen Abogados

José Luis Palanco Bührlen


Avda. Ricardo Soriano, 22
Edificio Sabadell 2-6
29601 Marbella

Tel +34 952 76 60 55
Fax +34 952 85 73 76
Email: [email protected]