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Timeline of the Panorama agency
 - Chronology 1904 – 2020

A family dedicated to real estate for over 115 years


Panorama and Puente Romano announce their joint venture, opening the Puente Romano Real Estate office to serve hotel guests.  Panorama begins planning the celebrations for their 50th anniversary in Marbella, 1970-2020.


Panorama is approved as a real estate agency “regulated by RICS”. – Christopher Clover receives the Lifetime achievement Award of REAS.


Christopher Clover accepts a unanimous nomination as Eminent Fellow by the prestigious Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).


PANORAMA CELEBRATES 40 YEARS IN MARBELLA!! In Memoriam: Bill Clover, Panorama´s Founder.


Panorama launches its magazine “The Marbella Property Magazine”. In addition to the award winning market report written by Christopher Clover, it contains other interesting articles both for buyers and sellers, as well as an excellent selection of properties.

Chris and Katinka Clover

Katinka Clover joins Panorama in the capacity of property consultant and public relations specialist. Today she is Panorama’s Listings Director and Board Member. Christopher’s brother, Williston H. Clover, becomes a permanent consultant to the company.

Katinka, Chris and Alex Clover smiling into the camera

Alex Clover joins Panorama to help fine-tune the company’s image and implement a series of internal improvements. Today he is Investment Consultant and Assistant Managing Director.


Panorama launches one of the first Internet websites specific to the Marbella area. Today Panorama’s website is in 5 languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Russian.


Panorama capitalizes on its success and reputation and opens offices in the most prestigious areas of Marbella, at the Puente Romano Hotel and directly opposite the Marbella Club Hotel.


Katinka Clover was born


Alex Clover was born


Christopher Clover forms an independent company, decides to transform the long-term goals of the Marbella office, and begins the marketing of prestige properties in the area.


Christopher Clover takes over Panorama International’s offices in Marbella


Christopher Clover joins his father and brother at Panorama International in 1971 in Washington DC.


Panorama International opens Marbella’s first international real estate office in the Edificio Capitol at Avenida Ricardo Soriano, 1.


Bill Clover acquires Panorama International Ltd.

A historic newspaper snippet reporting Panorama's expansion

Panorama International Ltd. is formed in Washington DC and is the first company to offer international properties and developments to investors in the United States.


Bill Clover develops several residential developments in and around Charlottesville, Virginia. “Montvue” and “West Leigh” are, to this date, still among Charlottesville’s most luxurious real estate developments.


B.B. Clover and his son Williston (Bill) L. Clover open the Clover Realty Company in Charlottesville, Virginia. The company is still in business today, although under different ownership, in its original building in the town’s historical Court Square.


Christopher H. Clover was born


Williston L. Clover moves to Charlottesville, Virginia and becomes a Black Angus Cattle Farmer and Tennis Professor at the University of Virginia. Williston H. Clover, Chris’s older brother, was born.


B.B. Clover’s grand plan to develop Itasca as a glamorous Chicago suburb in the 1920’s included building a handsome half-timbered commercial building, today a landmark in the town’s Historical District.


One of the first golf course developers in the United States, B.B. Clover built a golf course and a clubhouse on the land originally owned by the first settler in the area of Itasca. The Itasca Country Club still stands today as one of the most luxurious establishments of the Chicago suburbs.


Williston L. Clover was born


B.B. Clover opens his first real estate agency headquartered in Chicago on Evanston Avenue (later at 69 W. Washington Avenue in the Chicago Title and Trust Building) followed by a second branch in the town of Itasca with the intention of developing Itasca into a desirable place to build a home and enjoy a comfortable suburban lifestyle.


Burtt Byron Clover was born.