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Meet the team

Panorama currently consists of a basic staff of 25 professionals in sales, administration and consulting.

Christopher Clover

Managing Director, Board Chairman

After having spent two years teaching French in a private school in Bethesda, Maryland, Christopher started working for the mother company of Panorama, Panorama International Ltd., in Washington, D.C in 1971.

In early 1973 Chris moved to Marbella to take over the Marbella office, which had been established three years earlier. When the mother company closed in 1975, he decided to stay as he loved living here and had an excellent foundation already in place for his future business.

Chris is an accredited Real Estate Consultant (Gestor Intermediario en Promociones de Edificaciones – G.I.P.E.), and a graduate with distinction in majors in Economics, Commerce and French of the University of Virginia, USA, which included spending his third year at the University of Lyons, France.

Katinka Clover

Listings & Marketing Director

Katinka was born in Malaga and went to Madrid and Paris to obtain her university degree in International Communications. Being half Danish and half American and having grown up in a multi-cultural place like Marbella, she feels fortunate to have friends from many different backgrounds, and finds learning about their different customs very interesting.

Katinka has been working for Panorama since 2003 and enjoys meeting wonderful people and visiting extraordinary properties on a day-to-day basis.

She enjoys nature and animals and, when time permits, she likes to travel. Katinka speaks English, Spanish and French.

Willston H. Clover

Senior Advisor to the Board of Directors

Chris Clover and Bill are brothers – they grew up in the privileged area of Charlottesville Virginia. He married his wonderful wife of 50 plus years there, and they embarked on a Panoramic journey from Virginia to Washington, New York, Mexico City, and long stints in Europe, ending up in San Antonio, Texas. Over the years he has worked in more than 70 countries and learnt how much he didn’t know in each new assignment.

His greatest thrills are: the challenge of tomorrow and meeting great new cutting edge opportunities through Panorama; the wonderful new people with whom he comes in contact every day; and working with the fine team of professionals that have gravitated to the company over the years.


Lorenzo M Soriano

Member the Board of Directors

Lorenzo is an Economist by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, as well as a specialist in Business and Tourist Activities (University of the Balearic Islands), and Journalist by AIPET. 

Born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and with business activities in several countries, he currently lives between Marbella and Tenerife. He is the Personal Advisor to the Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of Panorama, as well as Economic, Financial and Human Resources Optimization “Controller”. He is an active author in numerous publications, an amateur historian, and a tireless traveler, and has great experience in human relations and in economic and social activities of all kinds. 

Lorenzo speaks Spanish, English and French.


Rocío Quesada

Commercial and Investment Director

Rocío was born in Seville and lived in Madrid and Washington, D.C., before moving to Marbella in 2016. 

Rocío holds a Masters’ Degree in Public Relations and Corporate Communications from Georgetown University, in Washington DC., and a degree in Business from CEU University, in Madrid.

She has over twenty-five years of professional experience, is specialized in outreach and international business development, and has worked extensively Worldwide. 

After working in the energy and the infrastructure sector for many years, she decided to learn something new and started working in commercial real estate. She worked for a specialized real estate company, expanded its business in the Costa del Sol, and launched her own commercial real estate business in Málaga.

Rocío is the General Secretary and Communication Manager of the Georgetown Club of Spain. She is a natural relationship builder and is addicted to new challenges. She loves dancing, doing CrossFit, and walking the streets of Madrid and D.C.
Rocío speaks fluently Spanish and English and can communicate perfectly in French. 


Sean Cannon

Sales Director

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Sean Cannon has a B.Sc in Marketing and Management from Trinity College, and has many years’ experience in Spanish Real Estate, specializing in high value residential properties.Sean joined Panorama in 2008 and since then has become one of the Senior Property Consultants on our sales team due to his exceptional attention to detail and ever growing list of satisfied clients. After ten years of hard work and dedication Sean became Sales Director in July 2018.

His communication skills, both in person and in writing, are extraordinary! Coupled with his personal charm, immense product knowledge, patience and positive mental approach to everything, Sean has become a star in helping people find their perfect home and making many new friends along the way! He speaks English and Spanish.


Alfonso Muñoz

Sales Coordinator, Assistant Sales Director

Born in Málaga, Alfonso Muñoz has been involved in the real estate business since his childhood. His father was renowned for his dedication as foreman in the construction of many emblematic buildings in Marbella and surrounding areas. In 2008, Alfonso joined Panorama as support member to the administration and listings departments and his brilliance and organizational skills rapidly placed him as the sales coordinator.

There are few people around, anywhere, with the always-balanced spirit and work ethic that Alfonso represents.  He loves his work, and always goes the “extra mile” to insure that he has done his best. He is so organized, that he performs a task perfectly, in minutes, that would take another a multiple of this time. As Sales Coordinator, he is a key figure in our organization in that he keeps track of our clients, the recording of all correspondence, and the coordination of assignment of clients to our Sales Team. In addition, he has developed an extensive knowledge of the properties we offer for sale.  Few people his age have manifested the ability, dependability, and good will as Alfonso does with Panorama. Alfonso speaks: Spanish, English and German.


Ulla Lammervo

Senior Property Consultant

Ulla-Riitta Lammervo was born in Finland, graduated from Perniö Lyceum at Turku University, and after visiting many countries, she moved to Spain in 1980’s. Ulla joined Panorama in 2005 and has been a valued member of the sales team since then. She has experience in Real Estate in Marbella since the year 2000. Her incredible, positive energy allows her to be one of strongest and most effective members of the team. Her follow up and organizational skills, and persistence in general, earned her the well-deserved title of Senior Property Consultant.

Her product knowledge is “almost perfect”, and her ability to get along and make real friends with clients of different types and nationalities, second to none. Ulla is a star in our field, appreciated by clients and team mates alike! She speaks Finnish, English, Spanish, Swedish and German.


Beatrice Pittá

Property Consultant

Beatrice “Cici” Pittá is a star, a lady with enormous class, and great professional knowledge, selling real estate since 1989, and with Panorama since 1994! Her great sense of humor makes her a person one wants to be around. Born in Peru, of German mother and Italian father, she speaks fluent Spanish, German, Italian, some French and of course English.

Everyone on our team is proud to have a team mate like Cici!


Walter Fernández

Senior Property Consultant

Walter Fernandez-Römer was born in Marbella and has been an important Panorama Sales Team member since 2008. Walter has a Diploma in Business Studies and is an accredited Real Estate Agent (Agente de la Propiedad Immobilière- API) and is particularly strong in the field of property valuations as he originally started in the Listings Department before he moved to the Sales Team in 2010.

Walter has perhaps the best knowledge of our properties, and of urbanistic and technical issues.  He is the member of the Team most people go to for help in looking for just the right property for our clients, a magnificent Team player, and an incredibly nice person to work with. Walter speaks Spanish and English.


Bianca Omloo

Senior Property Consultant & Rentals 

Born in The Netherlands, Bianca has been living on the Costa del Sol for over 15 years, and has acquired in depth knowledge of Marbella, as well as an extensive repertoire of information on the rest of the coast.

Bianca studied Secretary, Management Assistant and Accountancy at Leeuwenborgh Instituut University in Maastricht, The Netherlands. With her acquired experience, Bianca is assiduous in obtaining the right properties for her clients; delightfully approachable, she brings so much positivity and enthusiasm to each project that every rental transaction is effortless and smooth.

Her attention to detail and to the wants and needs of her clients means that she will always find the dream property for her client – and her energy and passion makes renting, buying and selling a property with her a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Bianca is fluent in four languages: Dutch, English, Spanish, and German.


Jules Franken

Property Consultant

Jules Franken is British, born in west London, and has lived in Spain for over 28 years where she owned and run her own advertising company for over 20 years. Jules joined Panorama in 2019 as she longed for a change of direction of her life. Since real estate has been a long term passion of hers it was the perfect move!

She is a natural “people-person” and enjoys the process of finding the perfect property either as a home or investment for her clients. Full of energy and enthusiasm with a great sense of humour, she delights in meeting new people and with her extensive knowledge of the coast and the property market has been very successful in bringing buyers and sellers together.

Jules is bilingual English and Spanish.


Marilyn Wilbrink

Property Consultant

Marilyn has a Swedish-Dutch background. She was born in Utrecht though she grew up and finished her Baccalaureate studies in Spain. Later she achieved her Masters in Art History from at the University of Brussels. She lived in Belgium and the Netherlands for over 10 years in total working in the services and tourism sector before moving back to what feels for her like her home country, Spain.

Marilyn is fluent in three languages: Spanish, English and Dutch and has a basic level of French and some Swedish. Her enthusiasm, people skills and multi-cultural background make her a great new addition to our team.

Catherina Van Hanxleden

Property Consultant

Catherina Van Hanxleden, was born in Amsterdam, and lived her first 14 years in southern France. She learned Spanish when she was only six years old, and obtained her degree in law at the University of Granada. After completing a Master’s Degree in Communication, she worked for several years in journalism before moving to Marbella in 2011, and since then she has devoted herself to using her great communication skills, and legal knowledge to become a champion in the Marbella Real estate sector.

With excellent product knowledge she has an amazing ability to empathize with friends and clients of different types and nationalities which is one of her many strengths. Catherina speaks French, Spanish and English

Natasha Romanov

Property Consultant

Natasha has a Russian-Swedish background. She was born in Moscow, grew up there and finished University studying genetic engineering.
At the age of 21 Natasha moved to Stockholm where she worked for over 10 years as an area manager at Saab Marine Electronics providing excellent services for oil refinery’s customers.
In the year 2000 Natasha relocated to Marbella where she ran her own business working in Real Estate, Concierge Service and Interior Design.
Natasha is excellent communicator skilled at relating with people at all levels and offering flexibility of working well on teams or individually. Enthusiastic, eager to contribute to team success through hard work, attention to detail and excellent organizational skills.

Natasha is fluent in Russian, Swedish, English and Spanish.

Steve Barre

Property Consultant

Steve was born in Antwerp, Belgium and studied economics in the “Université Libre de Bruxelles “. Steve landed in Marbella in 1981 and has been involved in the real estate business in the area since then, most of the time with his own agency.

In the last few years, Steve has worked in Southern France and Monaco but decided to return to Marbella for the magic that Marbella represents.

Steve’s mother tongue is French and he speaks and writes fluently Spanish and English.  His life long experience in real estate in Marbella serves to strengthen even more Panorama’s sales team.


Alina Nouaimeh

Property Consultant

Alina was born in Romania and moved with her family to Lebanon when she was in her teens.  She completed her university education with a bachelor’s degree in Travel and Tourism from the American University of Beirut. After many years travelling and working in different countries she moved to Marbella in 2010. Since then she has gained many years of experience in real estate in the area. In November 2021 Alina joins the Panorama sales team as Property Consultant. 

Alina has excellent presentation and communication skills, she is highly charismatic, well-spoken and highly driven and has a high level of dedication and enthusiasm. 

She speaks an incredible number of languages fluently: six in total including English, Spanish, Arabic, French, Italian and Romanian.


Marco Dalli (D'Alessandro)

New business Development

Marco Dalli (D’Alessandro) was born in Rome and grew up between the UK and the US. He was born and raised in England, but moved to Marbella in 1982, where he and his family have been renowned restauranteurs in the Costa del Sol and many other Spanish locations. He has always been part of the local scene and of many start-up businesses since then, including Toni Dalli’s, Dalli’s Pasta Factory Goyxeko Dalli’s.

In 2015, Marco created the business concept of Buy to Renovate with the Marmorin Design Center where he specialised in finding and restoring older properties. In a way, he has always been involved in the property business and has had a close relationship with Panorama for many years.

In 2021 Marco decided to dedicate full-time to real estate and joined Panorama as new Business Development advisor. Marco’s outgoing personality and fantastic sense of humour is a breath of fresh air and a pleasure to be around. Marco speaks fluently English and Spanish and a little bit of Italian. 


Evi Tinno

Listing Department

Born and raised in Estonia, Evi obtained her degree in Estonian philology form the University of Virumaa in Tallinn. After living in the States working as an events coordinator, she settled in La Costa del Sol in 2008, and has been working in real estate since then, joining Panorama’s Listing Department in 2017. Half Estonian and half Russian, Evi also speaks fluent English and Spanish.

Sven Bauer

Marketing Manager

Born and raised in Germany, Sven studied and obtained his Master’s degree in Electronics and Business. He has been living in different places around the world: he studied in Hollywood and Beverly Hills; he had his marketing and movie company for over 11 years in Margarita Island, Venezuela and he completed an audio-visual project about the best hotels in Marbella. Through Marketing, he has gained experience in many different sectors such as electronics, movies, fitness and music, which he continues to strengthen apply in all his tasks. He is active in Zumba and fitness; he likes playing drums and enjoys Marbella’s beautiful nature with his wife and dogs.

In April 2017 he joined the Panorama team as Marketing Manager. He speaks English, Spanish and German.


Loreto Muyo 

Rentals Director

Loreto was born and brought up in Marbella and this is why she has a very good knowledge of all the developments and areas of her native town. 
She studied abroad in England and Switzerland where she had the opportunity of meeting people from all over the world and become the person she is, open minded, sociable and always happy to meet people and share experiences with them.  
She has a Journalism degree from the CEU San Pablo University in Madrid, where she worked for many years in the communication and PR business as account executive of brands of many sectors. 
She has been working for more than ten years in the real estate sector, both in sales and rentals and considers herself a person that learns and grows professionally from her experiences. Her joining the Panorama Rental Department in the first quarter of 2021 is a great addition to the team. 
She speaks and writes fluently Spanish, English and French.


Beatriz Garvayo

Rentals Consultant

Beatriz was born and raised in Málaga. She has been working for Panorama in the Rentals Department, since 2001 and enjoys the opportunity that this gives her to meet a wide variety of people of all nationalities.

Bea’s great strengths are her deep knowledge of the local real estate market and her people skills.

Beatriz speaks English, Spanish and a little German.


Gonzalo Ruiz

Accounts Director

Gonzalo Ruiz was born in Marbella and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics with specialization in Business Managing and Administration by the University of Málaga and has a postgraduate certificate of Auditors from the same University. His career has been mostly based in the Costa del Sol from Sotogrande to Marbella, having advised clients from many diverse activities, including, of course, our central area of activity: Real Estate. Gonzalo was Managing Director of the biggest telecom company in Marbella and before that he had been moving around the world working like an auditor in Moscow for two years. He speaks English, Spanish, and some Russian.

Gonzalo’s strengths are in his intimate knowledge of accounting and fiscal matters, as well as his sincerity and kindness with all the members of the Panorama staff, in helping them in any way he can.


Loli Vazquez

Assistant to Accounts Director

Loli was born in Marbella and has always lived here. She has been working in the accounting and administration department of Panorama since 1999, with direct and important support to our Administration Director and Managing Director. She is notable for her personal kindness and total reliability.

Loli speaks English and Spanish.


Carolina Alaniz

PA to Managing Director, Support Team Manager

Carolina was born in Córdoba, Argentina. She graduated from the Faculty of Languages of the University of Cordoba, UNC as Spanish-English Public Translator. She joined Panorama at the end of 2010, and was quickly promoted to Office Coordinator and Personal Assistant to Mr. Clover.

Carolina brings to Panorama the gift of always being happy and wonderful to be around, welcoming those she is in touch with on the phone or in person with incredible, contagious enthusiasm and intelligence. Her organizational and follow through skills are second to none, as well as her amazing ability to multi-task and coordinate the many operational aspects of Panorama’s work.

Carolina speaks English and Spanish.


Ángela de la Yglesia

Sales office Manager 

Angela was born in Córdoba, but after graduating in Advertising and Public Relations from the Complutense University of Madrid, she moved to Marbella in 2004 to start working in the Conference Centre, where she gained knowledge and experience always related to the communication sector and customer service. She has lived and worked in London and New York, which not only helped her improve her English skills but also has brought great cultural knowledge. Angela is very dedicated and is always ready to take on new tasks as a very eager learner. She speaks English and Spanish and joined our team in June 2016 as the receptionist in our headquarters. Ángela is passionate about music, loves to play guitar and sing whenever she finds the time.

Jo Borda

Director of Client Services

Jorgelina “Jo” was born and raised in Argentina until her teenage years when she moved to Spain for the first time, settling in Barcelona.

Throughout her life, she has lived in such different yet fascinating cities like Rosario, Córdoba, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Rome and Río de Janeiro which has helped her adapt to several cultures and languages.

Jo has specialised in Online Marketing and Social Media at the Business School of the Chamber of Commerce in Málaga.
For over 15 years she has managed and owned different companies and has collaborated with multinational enterprises in many countries as marketing consultant, new product development and strategy, which led her to live in many European countries, in the US and Latin-America, which helped her gain her vast experience in client services.

In 2002, Jo was searching for a more peaceful lifestyle so she decided to settle in la Costa del Sol in the warm and at the same time cosmopolitan city of Marbella.

Jo joined the Panorama team in October 2016 as Director of Client Services. She speaks Spanish, Italian and English.


Lorena Alaniz

Support Team

Lorena, Carolina’s sister,  was born in “Córdoba of the Nueva Andalucía” in Argentina. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Photography. She moved to Barcelona in 2006, and in 2009 she came to Marbella. Lorena re-joined Panorama at the end of 2019 and is a pleasure to work with someone so kind and warm. She speaks Spanish, English and understands Italian.

Although Lorena is sometimes shy, she is a wonderful support to everyone on the Panorama Team, and a very quick learner. She is a pleasure to work with and does everything within her power to help everyone in any way possible.